Write Whatever, #6

As I grow older, I find it weird and unproductive to have to work six days a week at a job, when clearly the workload doesn’t call for that. I came to the conclusion that it is a waste of time to spend forty-five hours a week at a workplace, when you can clearly finish your job in just a couple of hours a day. Of course, there isn’t much one can do about it, because we are employees, so there are things we can’t control, only thing we can do is state facts. And you can’t change jobs just like that, at least not in my world, sadly. I wonder what employers think about it. I think the sane way to go would be that I pay you to do a certain thing, if you can do it in less time well that’s great,instead of sitting around doing nothing. But that’s me, seeking flexibility and balance. Peace out..

Write Whatever, #5

It’s been really long since I’ve written whatever. I’m so not disciplined. Don’t know how you guys do it, I admire all of you amateur and not amateur writers. Anyway, today I ‘d like to write about overzealous employees. Is there like a school they go to, some secret, annoying society? You have a job description, somewhat loose at times, you won’t get paid more, of course your boss will notice you because bosses tend to notice the ones that always agree with them, but your co-workers won’t be happy if you overstep, if you cross boundaries, if you try to micro manage or something like that. And you will probably need those co-workers because the other day your screen was black and you didn’t know what to do, but your co-worker gladly turned on your PC for you and solved your problem. So that. But seriously, if anyone happens to read this, please tell me if there’s actually a school those people go to, I’d like to know. Here’s a sea pic to chill..

Write Whatever, #4

Well now, how do I start without sounding bitchy or antisocial or weird? I will start from the beginning I guess. I’m a bit of an introvert, kind of shy at times, I need time to get used to new people, I don’t really open up upon handshake (or fist bump, or Covid induced elbow bump). And I get really suspicious with people that are overly friendly and overly sweet and use like disgustingly sweet pet names when all you have said is hi, nice to meet you. Like, wtf?!!!! A person like that approached me recently. Online. To ask if I could make something for them. Overly friendly, overly sweet. I tried to dismiss the feelings of suspicion crawling up my spine, some people are like that, nothing wrong with being sweet, with honey dripping down your mouth! I engaged in conversation against my better judgement (I love using this Darcy line!), mostly because I wanted to prove me wrong, to prove that being overly sweet isn’t always weird, creepy, fake and I should be more like that! Ha! No! Can’t handle it! I just can’t! Maybe some day, not today..eating chocolate is the sweetest I can go right now..I need me some sarcastic memes to balance out the sweetness. Be kind..

Image found on Pinterest

Write Whatever, #3

Have you ever felt a feeling of nostalgia or longing or yearning for a place that you’ve never been? Nostalgia isn’t really the right word by definition, although right and wrong seem to be pretty fluid these days. I found a German word that describes what I felt a bit better though. Don’t know how to pronounce it but hey that’s why I have the Internet! FERNWEH! It’s going to be my go to word for the next few days, or weeks, or months, I don’t know how much this feeling will last. And what sparked it was a little photograph of a little place somewhere in the UK. I’ve been to the UK a lot of times but never there so it was weird when upon seeing the photograph I got this feeling of longing to go back to that place I had never visited in the past. I don’t know if it’s my fondness of the english countryside or the side effects quarantine left, but I did find a new word to describe exactly what I feel and I did find that little beautiful place to add to my vision board, so yes, I feel good! Be safe and sound!

Picture found here along with a great playlist: https://8tracks.com/smaugking/fernweh

Write whatever, #2

Quarantine is over, lockdown is semi over. Weird times. I’m a big fan of end of the world movies and the like, and it felt a bit like entering this other world. For me it was an ok quarantine, it felt like I was on leave. I didn’t have to go to work, I got paid, I had a roof over my head, food on the table,wi-fi, time to work on my craft projects, time to read, and the freedom to go out at least for a walk. So I was one of the lucky ones. Now we are slowly trying to return to a more normal, well normal is not the right word, I guess to a pre-quarantine state with a few new twists. We can adapt. Maybe. The thing is that going out of quarantine seems scarier than entering one somehow. A lot of people will lose their jobs, wages will go down, small bussinesses will not be able to survive at least in my country. Misinformation has been outrageous too and still is. Government officials condradict themselves on a daily basis, scientists have turned into government employees, news people are disgusting, journalists are scarce and social media is full of know-it-alls with facts and figures and statistics and theories and solutions and calls for a revolution against..dunno what against. I’m still not sure about what really happened or when it will end or if it will end well. I hope so. Hoping for a happy ending and sanity..

Write whatever, #1

I took a little break from my little bloggy thing here, it wasn’t intentional. I guess I had nothing to write for a while, or had a lot to write and didn’t know how, or work got in the way, or lack of time, or just excuses. Well, lack of time is an excuse, I mean if I find time to post a story on social media, I’m sure I can find time for doing things I actually love, things that make me feel creative and offer me joy and fulfillment. Work is an excuse too, it might be boring and not flexible time wise , but it’s a means that allows me to go about life and shouldn’t interfere with my hobbies or passions. And there’s lack of material. What to write? Well, more excuses..write whatever, write a freakin’ limerick, write a haiku (challenge accepted!), write whatever rocks your boat. You got to start somewhere. That’s what I was thinking last night and promised myself I would do it first thing in the morning, or second, coffee comes first! And so it begins..

I Was Thinking About..

..work. I was specifically thinking about people who work on something they really like whereas the rest of us work just to pay our bills. And I’ve realised that even if you try really hard to like something, you don’t. You just try to do your job as best as you can, until something better comes along or until you decide to risk your minimum wage security and follow your passion. Hmmm..tough. There’s something else too. Don’t know if it’s just me, but it feels that you work for someone else’s dreams and ambitions. You are considered an essential part of a team, that follows your leader’s dream. And you keep waiting for that something better. Or you start working towards that something better. With your minimum wage to pay your bills and with sleepless nights to do what you love. Ah, sleep is overrated anyway. And who knows, maybe your dream is actually plausible, maybe you’re getting closer to it. You can always sleep when you finally get there. Thinking..

Digital Graffiti by Me..hoho!!

Super Power, #5

Weather Manipulation

I gave a lot of thought to my fifth favourite super power. I’ve thought of telepathy, super strength etc., but no, I felt no excitement. Greek summer gave me the answer. Heat wave after heat wave after heat wave, not being able to sleep without A/C, going to work and sweat like you are in a sauna. Horrible! It made me think that Storm is my fav female super hero for a reason. She can manipulate the freakin’ weather! Yes! That’s what I want, rain, clouds, maybe a little sun playing hide and seek with those clouds, why not a light storm too? Blog post over, let’s try and make it through the week..

Super Power, #4

Super Speed

I walk fast by nature. But imagine that! The distance I would be able to cover, being to where I want to be in a matter of seconds. I would save so much time to devote to my hobbies. I could read fast too. Imagine the information stored in my head!I would easily avoid people I don’t want to see, I wouldn’t care about commuting, airfares, oceans. I would never be scared of anything, I mean upon danger detection I would be out of there in a heartbeat!! Oh, I wanna be Flash!!!!!

Super Power, #3


Manipulating objects and matter from a distance (or not), with the power of my mind. That would be extremely handy. Especially when it comes to the remote control. Always a hassle to get up and look for it. Maybe that’s why I rarely watch TV. But luckily there are so many other things I could do with it. Lift heavy objects, move them towards or away from me, make things orbit around people thus driving them crazy, punch people in the face using their own fist (I’m not a violent person, just some people really need a punch in the face), redirect the ball and help my team score..endless possibilities. Huh..this close to make telekinesis my number 1 super power.

Till then, some trivia: Origin: Late 19th century: from tele- ‘at a distance’ + Greek kinēsis ‘motion’ (from kinein ‘to move’).