Ramble, #3

On about Digital ‘Stalking’

I’m in my late 30s and I grew up in a village up the mountains. There was no internet, just a TV, black and white with no remote control and lots of books. Plus most of the time we would play outside. I got my first PC when I was 20 but didn’t use the Internet that much. I do now. And back then when you wanted to see someone, you dropped by their place or called. And when you didn’t know someone, you couldn’t just browse their account or see pics of them or anything. You had to actually meet them, and they would show you their photo albums in due time. Well, I’m sure stalkers were able to find a way back then too, but I’m talking about the rest of us that do not wish to hurt people or to force our presence on someone’s life. We browse though, behind screens, accounts and photos and likes and dislikes. Of people we don’t know, of people we used to know, of past lovers, of friends’ friends. But there’s no point in it, is there? It doesn’t offer much, we don’t actually meet the person we want to meet, we watch people that used to be everything moving on, and we are stuck behind a scren browsing. For what? I’ve done it, until one day I decided not to. Wise decision. I do think of doing it, I won’t lie, but I’m practicing discipline and the thought lasts only a few seconds. Plus I got Netflix now😆😆.

Let me insert an irrelevant pic now😊


Ramble, #2

On about Comparing

Do you ever catch yourself comparing yourself again (there’s a syntax issue here) with other people? I do sometimes. It doesn’t last long but it still happens, even if it’s for a few minutes (minutes that could be dedicated to reading maybe, anyway). So, I’m guessing if I do it then other people probably do it too, we aren’t that different when it comes to doubting ourselves. But we are different in all other aspects of life. I mean we may listen to the same music but we interpret it differently, we may read the same books but different images are formed in our heads, we may wear the same clothes but we still don’t look the same in them and so on. What’s the point of comparing I wonder. I don’t believe that it has any benefit, at least in my case. There will always be people more or less successful, intelligent, pretty blah blah than I am so..Am I happy and satisfied with myself, am I doing the best that I can, am I being true to myself? Those are the real questions. I understand that sometimes comparing to people that have made it in life, seems motivational, but do you really know how this people feel, what they think when they are alone? Nope. So I’ve decided to refrain from comparing and focus my energy elsewhere. And if I catch myself doing it again, I’ll log on here and read my post. Or read a crime book (always makes me feel good), or eat spaghetti with cheese, or go for a walk along the river (never underestimate the power of a walk, or spaghetti, or crime books).

Rock on!

Whoopty Doo, #10

Thinking about Staying Home

I’m one of those people that will find a million things to do when at home. Knitting, crocheting, cross stitching, reading books, writing, watching Criminal Minds or some other cool show, listening to music, discovering music, working my sewing machine with minimum success, browsing social media, learning Russian, trying to learn Norwegian, lying in bed staring at the ceiling and thinking about the meaning of life or the lack of it, crying about lost love, talking to myself in different accents. So many things. And for years I was struggling to find time to do that, since my work and my side jobs took up most of my time. A few months ago my company closed so after five consecutive years of busy beeing, I found myself with plenty of time on my hands. Yay! I needed it so as to have time to do all those things when home alone. But it was the beginning of summer, and it’s hard to stay in during summer in Greece. Unbearable heat, air condition makes you sick so you actually need to go out the moment the sun goes down, whining, I mean I get it, it’s summer and we need the sun, but how much Vitamin D can one person handle? I’m an autumn-winter child! Then I had to start working on my side jobs again (that’s what I call part time work I’ve been doing for years now, along with every regular job I might have), because I need to eat too, and drink, and pay bills, and clothe myself and I live in Greece where economy is flourishing (eyes rolling). Ok, so my point is (yes, I do have a point) that I do not get people who say they are bored when they have to stay at home. It’s showtime for me baby (in Derek Morgan’s manly voice)!

Anyway, whoopty do and see you soon..

Whoopty Doo, #9

Thinking about Promises

Keep them. Or don’t make them. That. Done. Blog post ready. Nah, I’ll write a bit more. People tend to promise a lot. I promise to love you, I promise to take care of you, I promise not to hurt you, I promise to help you, I promise I’ll always be there for you…blah, blah, blah and bleugh. People also tend to break promises. A lot. Sometimes we make a promise that we know we won’t keep. So, why do we make it in the first place? Sometimes we believe promises made to us, but deep down we know they will be broken. Why do we believe in them then? Hardest of all I think is the promises we make to ourselves. The hardest to keep. What’s the purpose of a promise I wonder..I mean if you want to help, just help. If you want to love, just love. If you want to take care of someone, do it. Why say I promise to be there for you? Just be there, actively present. Why say I promise to quit smoking? Just quit. Why do you have to promise it? What will change? There’s a 50% chance you’ll do it, and a 50% chance you won’t. Why promise that you’ll feel a certain way about someone in ten years’ time? How do you know you’ll feel the same by then? Just show them how you feel and just tell them if feelings change. Took me years to realise that actions do speak louder than words. And promises are words. And words are beautiful to hear, but they are what they are. Words. Beautiful though. So so beautiful..anyway. That. Now I’m done. Need to find a picture now to accompany this post. I promise you’ll like it, hohoho.

Whoopty Doo, #8

Thinking about Autumn

I love it. My favourite season. Winter too, but nothing can beat autumn. The cloudy weather, the change in colours, leaves falling. Perfect weather for staying in and reading books and drinking hot coffee. But it seems that there are only two seasons in Greece, summer and winter. That’s it. Two. But come on..it’s October. Freaking October! Let there be clouds and a bit of rain and temperatures below 25°. Let there be sweaters, and light cardigans and scarves. Lots and lots of scarves. Let me enjoy my autumn films and sip wine and feel that sweet autumn melancholy. Pffft…Maybe that’s why I like the UK so much, that cloudy weather, although I’m sure that people there will complain about it. Or maybe we always wish for what we don’t have. Or I’m just a whiney nose (y) Greek. Nah…I mean I can be whiney and my nose has a considerable size and I’m Greek (as far as I know), but I do do do love autumn. And the UK. And coffee. And Norway (which is irrelevant). Anyway weather gods, let there be Autumn!

Whoopty Doo, #7

Thinking about Love

It was my favourite artist’s birthday a few days ago. Bruce Springsteen. So I published a story with his picture and some of his lyrics. Yeah, I do that. I mean it’s Bruce. It’s Bruce’s songs. I love Bruce. I’m actually glad he exists. Anyway. So Bruce says ‘I will love you with all the madness in my soul’. What a nice way to put it. There are all kinds of love though. So many different ways to love. And as Fitzgerald put it, never the same love twice. We love people, we love things, we love places. Sometimes love is pure, sometimes it’s selfish, sometimes unconditional, sometimes mad. Sometimes practical love. To get you through. Such a hard concept to write about. So I will only spare a few lines. Harder to think about. But my mind always wanders about those loving paths. Beautiful to experience. Sad to lose. Bittersweet to go practical with it. I was never practical. I don’t know if I’ll ever be practical. But I’ll keep loving with all the madness in my soul. Bruce knew. Cheers..