Super Power, #5

Weather Manipulation

I gave a lot of thought to my fifth favourite super power. I’ve thought of telepathy, super strength etc., but no, I felt no excitement. Greek summer gave me the answer. Heat wave after heat wave after heat wave, not being able to sleep without A/C, going to work and sweat like you are in a sauna. Horrible! It made me think that Storm is my fav female super hero for a reason. She can manipulate the freakin’ weather! Yes! That’s what I want, rain, clouds, maybe a little sun playing hide and seek with those clouds, why not a light storm too? Blog post over, let’s try and make it through the week..

Super Power, #4

Super Speed

I walk fast by nature. But imagine that! The distance I would be able to cover, being to where I want to be in a matter of seconds. I would save so much time to devote to my hobbies. I could read fast too. Imagine the information stored in my head!I would easily avoid people I don’t want to see, I wouldn’t care about commuting, airfares, oceans. I would never be scared of anything, I mean upon danger detection I would be out of there in a heartbeat!! Oh, I wanna be Flash!!!!!

Super Power, #3


Manipulating objects and matter from a distance (or not), with the power of my mind. That would be extremely handy. Especially when it comes to the remote control. Always a hassle to get up and look for it. Maybe that’s why I rarely watch TV. But luckily there are so many other things I could do with it. Lift heavy objects, move them towards or away from me, make things orbit around people thus driving them crazy, punch people in the face using their own fist (I’m not a violent person, just some people really need a punch in the face), redirect the ball and help my team score..endless possibilities. Huh..this close to make telekinesis my number 1 super power.

Till then, some trivia: Origin: Late 19th century: from tele- ‘at a distance’ + Greek kinēsis ‘motion’ (from kinein ‘to move’).

Super Power, #2


Unseen to the naked eye. I’m there, I snap my fingers, I’m not there. Yes, by snapping my fingers (cloak is too troublesome to carry around). Going about the city, wearing my pyjamas, and my hair is messy as hell. Among people but not really there. Listening to conversations, listening to what people never dare to say to you. Visiting museums and galleries and bookshops. Excellent spy material! Although listening to what people have to say about you when you aren’t there could be considered as somewhat invasive, but I won’t abuse the gift that much. Just a teeny tiny bit..Oh, and just to be clear there are no side effects here, I’m there, I’m not there, I’m there again, not like the H.G. Wells’ guy..

Super Power, #1


I think it has always been my favourite idea of a super power. Being able to travel whenever, wherever. I wake up in the morning and I want to move my matter and energy to Norway. Or Chile. And I’m able to do it. I want to go to my friend’s house in my pyjamas, I want to have a drink at an American blues bar, with a band playing..I want to lie down on my beautiful Welsh fields..And there I am. The list is endless. Yes, that’s how I want to use my super power, simplistic as it may seem.

Maybe the road is more important though and that’s why we can’t teleport. Because we haven’t had our adventure yet.. Ithaca by C.P. Cavafy

Self-Preservation, #10

I’ve discovered recently that spending time connecting with yourself, helps you understand your life choices better. It also helps you with your social connections. With work, apparently with almost every aspect of your life. Not everyone in your circle will understand. Some might call it shutting off but do not get distracted by comments and opinions. The journey is personal, not everyone is supposed to get it. It’s a journey though that will offer you some great gifts. So, book the ticket. For self-preservation reasons..

Self-Preservation, #9

They say (still don’t know who they are)that we attract what we send out. That what we project is what comes back. Nope. Nein. Sometimes we just attract the wrong people anyway, despite of what we project or who we are. Low self esteem often attracts somewhat toxic people. But I’ve come to the conclusion that healthy self esteem can also attract toxicity. And then your healthy self esteem gets sick, and becomes low, while toxicity thrives and feeds off of you. Until you are drained. So get rid of toxicity (even if it’s hard, I mean I quit chocolate for a month, if I can do that I can do anything), focus on healing your self esteem and never take s!#@ from anyone. For self-preservation reasons..